Sand-Blast Grids

API Heat Transfer has developed a line of Covrad sand-blast grids that are made to protect your cooling package investment. 

Sand-blast grids consist of a steel hexagonal inter-locking matrix that mounts upstream of the cooling-air-inlet of the radiator, protecting the core from “sand-blast erosion” in harsh environments. 


  • Includes Steel “U-Edging” welded around the perimeter of the grid
  • Mounting provisions designed to match any radiator
  • Custom designed to fit any radiator size & configuration
  • Designed to minimize space required…only 0.50” deep
  • Can easily be retrofitted into existing installations
  • Durable EDP coating
  • Dependable Patented construction with mechanically interlocking tabs
  • Cost effective solution to extend service life of cooling package


  • Absorbs impact/energy of fan-propelled particles before they contact core
  • Protects core from erosion resulting from sand abrasion
  • Very low external static resistance to cooling air flow


  • Negligible affect on cooling airflow
  • Eliminates high proportion of “sandblasting” erosion of radiator core
  • Extends useful life of radiator compared to unprotected cores
  • Eliminates costly downtime from replacing radiator cores


  • Specify as “standard” or “optional” value-added component
  • Specify anytime equipment is used in high sand/dirt/debris site conditions
  • Standard product consists of 40" x 40" and 48" x 48" kits, which include u-edging finish trim for perimeter