Well established Quality Management System (QMS)
Our general Quality Management System is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Our nuclear activities are compliant with the IAEA international nuclear quality standards such as IAEA-50-C-Q or GS-R-3.
All staff involved in nuclear activities attend special training session to maintain their safety awareness and expertise at the highest level.
Our organization is fully audited by our main clients and international operators on a regular basis.
Our offering also satisfies with key quality requirements such as EDF SGAQ.

Certification HAF 604
The NNSA (National Nuclear Safety Administration) from the People Republic of China has recognized and registered Leroy-Somer plant of Beaucourt for design & manufacturing.
This certificate confirms the position of Leroy-Somer as supplier of nuclear safety related technology.

Proven qualification processes
Our nuclear range of motors and alternators is qualified for normal & accidental conditions (Earthquake – LOCA) DC Electrical Motors: LSK Range
Our qualification file follows the requirements of the main international codes & standards: 2 ↔ 750 kW
• RCC-E 2012 (1EK1, K2, K3, K3AD, NC)   
• IEEE 323-334-344-387   REQUEST INFO
 • IEC 60-980    
• IEC 60-034 series    
• Others    
Our products have been tested by recognized certifying laboratories regarding all required specifications:  
• Thermal ageing    
• Mechanical ageing    
• Irradiation ageing    
• Electromagnetic compatibility test    
• Vibration & Seismic test    
All personnel involved in nuclear activities (research, manufacturing, quality assurance, testing, etc) are subject to special qualification procedures (such as ACQPA paint certification for example).   
Application: Actuator and Valve Control
Work Area: Containment Room
Rating: K1 and K2 Qualified Motors Containment Room

Application: Pumps, Ventilation, Compressor, Filtering & Hoisting Systems
Work Area: Flamable Areas
Rating: NC, K3, K3AD Qualified Motors

Application: LHSI Pump
Work Area: Low head safety injection pumping system
Rating: K3 AD

Application: EFWS-ASG Pump
Work Area: Emergency feed water system
Rating: K3

Application: CHRS - EVU Pump
Work Area: Containment Heat Removal System
Rating: K3AD

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