Our Strategic Vision

We see a world in motion where our products provide energy to bring the world to the people , allowing them to harness this energy into solutions that they take to the world.

We see ourselves as the critical connection that brings people and industry together.

Mission Statement

We strive to be the leading supplier of electric power generation products  and support underpinned by exceptional service across the African continent.

Our Values

We place a firm emphasis on traditional values as we regard these as the cornerstone principles for our daily operation. The primary values which guide our business operations are defined as follows:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Passionate Work Ethic
  • Service Delivery
  • Having Fun

Our Philosophy is Guided by the "4 P's"

Vert Energy's greatest asset is our team of highly skilled individuals that make what would be an ordinary company extraordinary. We thus actively encourage all employees to reach their potential as they pursue fulfilling careers.The company is committed to promoting diversity and energizing the wealth of human resources across each respective industy in which it operates.

Each member of our team is accountable to themselves and the clients that they engage with. We are customer centric and encourage continuous communication to create solutions that meet the clients budgetary parameters in a convenvient and timeous manner.

As a group of companies we have identified a common theme that must be prevalent in all our products as these define the metrics by which we are able to measure them.

* Leading Reliable and Reputed Brands
* Vertical Integration
* Competitive Advantage
* Customer Value

It is our stated intention to be the market leader in our chosen fields by focusing intently on the following criteria:

* Staff attraction and retention (best of breed policy)
* Carving niches by industry
* Competitive pricing
* Continous strategic and product related innovation
* A customer centric focus

Vert Energy recognises that the ability to spark dreams and pleasure in no way exonerates the company from its responsibility to act as an exemplary corporate citizen. Our criteria is to create value beyond exceptional financial returns. In doing this we have adopted the philosophy  of "Doing Well by Doing Good" and therefore place a firm emphasis on issues of good corporate citizenship.

This though means very little if our number one asset, namely our staff members are not having fun. We therefore have tried to create an environment that challenges, motivates and inspires each member to fulfil their own personal goals and ambitions within the group framework.