Grant can best be described as the personality of Vert Energy typified by his charismatic laughter and engaging leadership style.

Having served the electromechanical and power generation industry in Southern Africa for the better part of three decades his market insight, strategic relationships and holistic understanding of the industry play a pivotal role in the strategic and operational aspects of the business.

As a sales driven organisation Grant is actively involved in the sales and management of the company

Prior to undertaking this entrepreneurial venture and founding Vert Energy, Grant spent 25 years at the helm as the founding managing director of  an international subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company in the Sub Saharan region of Africa.

Grant has a fine appreciation for different cuisines and can be found exploring this as an amateur cook and consummate gourmand. 



Titus can be described as one of the stalwarts in the electric motor market having spent his entire working career in the industry. His vast experience in the trade began in the late 1970's where he started his career with a swedo-suisse manufacturer of electro-mechanic products and later sent the next 21 years working in various roles at the South African subsidiary of Leroy Somer.

Titus represents the truest form of economic empowerment in South Africa. His loyal service and unwavering work ethic over the last three decades in various roles have solidified his position within the company and is a shining example for other employees within Vert Energy. His role within the group is that of continued business development and transformation.

Outside of his commercial role Titus is actively involved in an array of community projects and initiatives. He firmly believes that the future of South Africa is dependent on each person adopting a philanthropic approach towards the broader community, in a manner that brings upliftment  and change through these contributions. 




Born and raised in Johannesburg, Ryan has always been inspired by the energy and dynamism of Africa's economic hub. Entrepreneurial by nature he has been involved in three such ventures since completing his commercial degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2005. These have included a successful property lifestyle company, marketing and communication and more recently Vert Energy.

Ryan's focus is people centric and has a passion for delivering solutions and services that add value to the business. He firmly believes in innovation by leveraging technology that gives the customer and his internal team quick responsive decision making abilities.

On a personal level Ryan is  a passionate golfer and has an appreciation for travel and different cuisines and can often be found enjoying these past times on the weekends.

As a true South African Ryan is firmly committed to the continent and improving the quality of life across the board of all parties associated with the solutions that Vert Energy brings to the market.