The Leroy Somer EPG Course is conducted over three days at Vert Energy Groups premises.

The course seeks to give the learner a comprehensive understanding of alternators used in electric power generation combining theoretical insight with practical application. Listed below as an overview of the topics covered in this course.

Day Course Overview: Leroy Somer EPG Theory
Day One Generator Theory101   Generator Theory 201
  - Electrical Fundamentals
- Types of power and power factor
- Arrangement of Alternators
- Excitation methods
- Rectifiers
- Armature construction
- Form-wound vs. random-wound stator coils
- RTDs
- Space heaters
- Field construction
  - Generator output
- Generator pitch
- Harmonics
- Circulating currents when paralleling
- Reactances and time constants
- Thermal damage curve
- Detriment curve
Day Two Mechanical Theory   Controls
  - Enclosures and protection codes
- Coupling and shaft designs
- Marine Designs
- Bearing types
- Oil coolers
  - Protective
- Lighting arrestors, surge capacitors
- Parallel operation protection
- Voltage regulators
Day Three Options and certifications   Sizing and Testing
  - Optional items
- Hazardous certifications
- Marine certifications
  - Voltage ratings
- Temperature rise and insulation class
- Oversizing
- Derating
- Types of loads
- Standard and special tests
- Efficiency and losses
  Aftermarket product support; Generator maintenance  
  - Trouble shooting
- Maintenance schedules
- Failure modes