Power to the people. As a group we are firmly committed to economic transformation. As the business has expanded into territories outside of Southern Africa the decision was made to empower the long serving staff within the group and through a focused initiative allow Vert Amandla (100% level 1 BEE contributor) to focus on serving the needs of the South African market.

Equal Opportunities & Fair Employment Statement

It is the group's intention to provide fair and equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants. Vert Energy will recruit without regard to race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, marital status, age or disability, provided that there is a suitable job advertised and the applicant fulfils the requirements for the job within the company.


Graduates and Internship Program Overview

Vert Energy realizes that in order to stay abreast with the latest international ideas, teachings and business models, it is essential to combine traditional business concepts with fresh ideas. The source of these fresh ideas lies with new graduates and the management team looks to forge close working relationships with these individuals, to ensure the respective group companies' managerial future.


Under active supervision, interns are given operational responsibilities and skills development objectives. Students are each assigned a mentor who guides their progress in achieving predetermined goals.

A complete review is carried out upon completion of the internship. Mentors then support students in preparing their next career steps and, for the best candidates, guide them in applying for positions when opportunities corresponding to their profile become available.

Application Process

Candidates are urged to submit their applications before the end of November of each year. Based on the strength of their application, candidates will receive an answer within a month following the receipt of their application. On the success of an application an interview is arranged with the human resources manager and a senior manager in the respective companies.

To apply for an internship, or a job, you can submit your application and curriculum vitae to the following address:, stating the internship / job and area of our business that interests you.